Ogame World Records by French community

    • Ogame World Records by French community

      Hi OGamer of Finland !

      Since several months, French community work on the implementation to OGame world records.


      This one was revealed to the French community, we wish to allow the international communities participate too.
      With the aim of improving the reliability of the list of the records by giving a direct possibility to recordmen to show itself and also to create a real interaction between OGame communities.

      Before going farther to the community side, here is an explanation the functioning OGame world records

      1. Classification of universes

      After a inventory of the various world universes, these were classified in 6 groups, by basing itself on their economic characteristic. It allows to have a common characteristic which is according to us the most important, this to try to return to the most egalitarian the chances for every universe to have a world record.

      2. Creation of the first list

      To create this first list of world record, we almost exclusively based ourselves on the site mines.topraider.eu/ which to the addon "Top raider", allows us to have a view of the records according to the various levels of the economic characteristic.

      We also made all board of the older universes in every group as well as universes holding a record on Topminer to list the various topics from record of universe which allowed us to return the list closer to the reality.

      3. Help us

      To kept updating this list, we now call on to all communities.
      Purpose being that the players of the whole world can compare their evolutions with regard to the records of the group which corresponds to their universe and whom they can, if they hold a record, easily to us express it so that this one can be updated.

      How to send us these records, you are quite explained now.

      4. How to make validate a new record

      Solution which we advise to you strongly consists in downloading the addon "Topraider" which you can find at this address: topraider.eu/index.php? Page=faq This addon, translated in several languages, allows you by configuring him correctly to send the evolution of your account to the site "Topraider" which will put of itself up to date the records by using the data which you will send in a automatic way during your login It avoids you having to make screenshots and allows us to make a faster update.

      If you don't wish to use addon, the 2nd possibility is simply : post your record in this topic or in PM in the account " OgameWorldRecord " on this board.

      Finally, last possibility, to post your record in the Skype discussion which was to create for that purpose or on the discord group of world records in the channel "Record-validation". Avoid posting it in a specific channel in a language, because he could not be seen by the managers of the list of world records.

      5. Proof allowing to validate a record

      The proofs allowing to validate a record are multiple:

      • A screenshot of a spy report allowing to see the record.
      • A screenshot of the Empire view of your account if you have a commander.
      • A screenshot of view installation/fleet/research [...] allowing to see the record.
      Screenshot has to show your pseudo, as well as the list of your planets and the url of the server as well as the time server in which the screenshot was taken. As this:

      You can choose to flouter the address and coordinates of planets not holding the record, as level buildings / research, ships... not being aimed by the record. The record has to remain on the other hand perfectly readable.

      We specify that no record can be revealed without the approval of his owner!

      6. Skype and Discord

      To allow an interaction between OGame communities and an additional way for each to send its records to the team, a Skype conversation and a server Discord were to create specifically for the player interested in the world records, and by ogame generally.

      Skype conversation, because of the limitations of the soft, is exclusively dedicated to the English language. The people who will join it will thus have to respect this rule and usual rules to OGame board.

      Server Discord, with possibility of creating several chan will allow discussions in all the languages, nevertheless for more ease, the general chan of conversation will be in English language. As for the Skype discussion, the usual rules.

      Don't thus hesitate to join us to create a real community international dedicated to OGame Record.

      Skype channel : join.skype.com/cJ1l7h7lk5Aw
      Discord server : discord.gg/gFAxJhX

      7. CoMa and translator

      We are sorry for not having been able to translate this text in another language than (bad :D ) English.
      We shall be happy to welcome in our team of the translators and the community manager of every community to help us has to make travel the various information between communities and us and conversely. If this spot interests you, don't hesitate to find us.

      8: Conclusion

      We thank you for having taken time to read this topic and hope that our initiative will please you and that you will answer favorably our invitation to participate in this project. We try to provide us with all the tools so that communities can interact between them and so be able to create a real craze for world records. Now to play.;)


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      Update for 1th january to 15th january :

      Update for Group 1 :

      - Laser Technology level 23 by Zefir
      - Ion Technology level 22 by Zefir
      - Hyperspace Technology level 19 by Zefir
      - Badkarma (Universe 67.fr) improves his record number of light fighters : 5.555.571
      - Badkarma (Universe 67.fr) improves his record number of recyclers : 700.460
      - Infest (Nekkar.pl) takes the record number of lunar heavy laser : 127.500
      - Infest (Universe 101.pl) takes the record number of lunar plasma turret : 18.300
      - Siwy (Univers 68.pl) improves his record number of lunor light laser : 990.667
      - ALF (Univers 68.pl) takes the record number of lunar Gauss Cannon : 39.471

      Update Group 2 :

      - Perry Rhodan (Yakini.de) improve the level record of the solar power station : 41
      - C41 (univers 82.de) improves the record of the number of Light Fighters : 5.600.000
      - C41 (univers 82.de) improves the record of the number of Heavy Fighters : 2.000.000
      - C41 (univers 82.de) improves the record of the number of Destructors : 300.000
      - C41 (univers 82.de) improves the record of the number of Large Cargo : 500.000
      - C41 (univers 82.de) improves the record of the number of Recyclers : 2.000.000

      Update Groupe 3 :

      - Hard450 (Hyperion.es) improves his own record of the number of planetary light laser : 1.197228
      - Halcon peregrino (Antares.es) takes the record of the level of the metal mine : 43
      - Abara (Rhea.fr) improves his record number of Anti-Ballistic missile : 120

      Update Groupe 4 :

      - Irakolix takes the record of Missile Silo : 15

      Update Groupe 5 :

      - Falgor takes the record of Heavy Laser on Planet - Defense : 3.150.000
      - Thrain takes the record of Ion Cannon on Planet - Defense : 1.012.000
      - Maraton takes the record of Interplanatery Missiles on Planet - Defense : 65
      - Pete takes the record of Rocket Launcher on Moon - Defense : 702.179
      - Siwy takes the record of Light Laser on Moon - Defense : 896.190
      - Infest takes the record of Plasma Turret on Moon - Defense : 18.300

      Update Groupe 6 :

      - Chip improve his record of Sensor Phalanx : 12
      - Symposium takes the record of Large Cargo : 106.988
      - Ninio takes the record of Ion Cannon on Planet - Defense : 500

      Check this topic for look all records : board.fr.ogame.gameforge.com/i…ekordy-Records-Mundiales/

      Do not hesitate join us on Discord : discord.gg/gFAxJhX

      If anyone can help us for translate in your language, do not hesitate send us a MP in this board or join us in discord for talk about. ;)