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    • Event server

      Dear community,
      Happy 16th Anniversary to all of you!
      As part of the celebration, we are opening 6 Event servers in 6 different communities.
      EN, DE, FR, ES, PL, TR

      These servers will start on 5th of October.
      With the opening of the servers we are also starting a 2 weeks event! The event is running from 5th of October until 19th of October.

      They will have the following settings:
      • Economy speed: 10x
      • Fleet speed: 8x
      • Research speed: 20x
      • Debris field: 70%
      • Debris field defense: 50%
      • ACS: active
      • Circular galaxies / systems
      • 5 galaxies
      • Validation dark matter: 25.000
      • Deuterium consumption: 40%
      • Probe storage: 10
      As you can see there are 2 settings that are not common picks for standard servers.
      With these event servers we included a research speed factor and the Espionage probe capacity is increased frfom 5 to 10.

      We hope you enjoy playing in these servers!

      Rewards list by tops:
      • 1- Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard + 3x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
      • possible layout: US DE FR ES UK (& Nordic)
      • 2- Razer Mano'war Headset + 3x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
      • 3- Razer Mamba Elite Mouse + 3x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
      • 4- 4x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
      • 5- 3x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
      • 6- 2x 50€ Dark Matter coupons + ingame research or building level
      • 7- 2x 50€ Dark Matter coupon
      • 8- 1x 50€ + 1x 25€ Dark Matter coupons
      • 9- 1x 50€ Dark Matter coupon
      • 10- 1x 25€ Dark Matter coupon
      • 11-15. 2x 10€ Dark Matter coupon
      • 16-20. 1x 10€ Dark Matter coupon

      On top of this, we are also having 3 random winners that will receive a 25 € Dark Matter coupon each.

      Details on exact timing will come together with the Terms and Conditions of this contest later this week.

      Your OGame Team

      The following conditions govern the execution of the OGame Event (hereafter the “event”), hosted by Gameforge 4D GmbH, Albert-Nestler-Strasse 8, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany (hereafter “Gameforge”).

      1. Eligibility, Participants and Participation
      (1) Participation in the event is free and is not bound to the purchase of any goods or the subscription to a fee-based service. Every individual user resident in a European country who complies with the requirements of the General Terms and Conditions is eligible to register a user account for the Event Server (hereafter “account”). Employees of Gameforge, of Gameforge associated companies and any associates thereof are allowed to participate but are excluded from receipt of any prizes.

      (2) A 'participant' is anyone entitled to participate as per paragraph 1 who participate as per paragraph 3 between 05/10/2018 and 19/10/2018, 11:00 CEST (hereafter 'participation period').

      (3) A requirement for participation is the registration of a user account for the temporary event server (hereafter ‘event account’) by the participant during the participation period.

      (4) The event account is for the exclusive use of each participant and for usage only during the participation period. The event account will be deleted within a week after the end of the participation period and it cannot be transferred to another server, cannot be cashed out and cannot be refunded.This applies also to all content included in the event account such as earned virtual items and optionally purchased ‘Dark Matter’.

      2. Winners and Prizes
      (1) The “winners” are the 20 participants who have reached the highest point score within the total high scores of the respective event server on their event account at the end of the participation period. The ‘grand winners’ are those winners who attain the top three positions of each event server at the end of the participation period.

      (2) Should multiple participants reach the same point score, Gameforge will decide the grand winners by drawing lots. For example, should three participants share first place, Gameforge will draw lots for these three participants to decide the first-place winner and thereby, one of the grand winners. The remaining two participants then share the second place, so that Gameforge then decides the grand winner of this place by again drawing lots. The remaining participant then receives third position, thereby moving the former third-placed participant to the fourth place, and so on.

      (3) Gameforge will announce the winners and grand winners on 23/10/2018 on LINK using their provided nickname and then inform them of the win by 25/10/2018 via email (hereafter the “notification”).

      (4) The winners and grand winners will receive the prizes mentioned in the event announcement. Each of the prizes for the grand winners will be dispatched by a delivery service provider (‘service provider’) commissioned by Gameforge from 30/10/2018 and requires the provision of a valid postal address (‘address’) within the European Union (hereafter ‘message’). The response to the notification must take place by 29/10/2018 at the very latest. Messages that Gameforge receives late or does not receive will lead to the loss of a claim on the respective prize.

      (5) The prizes are deemed to have been awarded to the grand winners by Gameforge with the handover of the prizes to the service provider. If a prize cannot be delivered as the result of an erroneous address supplied by the grand winner, this will be at the expense of the affected grand winner.

      (6) Where the prizes comprise digital content, these shall be delivered to the winners with the notification, sent to the email address used for the registration for the event account in the form of an activation code. Should the respective winner have the right to a choice with regard to the prize, then this must be stated in the message; the selected prize will then be sent within two weeks of receipt of the message, delivered to the email address used for the registration for the event account in the form of an activation code.

      (7) A cash payment or payment of the prizes in physical goods or rather the exchange and/or transference to a third party is also not permitted.
      (8) The judges’ decision is final with regard to determining the winners and grand winners.

      3. Privacy
      (1) Gameforge will retrieve, process and use the provided personal data of eachparticipant (this includes the core data of the event account, including but not exclusive to the associated nickname, the email address and the address provided by the grand winners) within the scope of the applicable legal data protection requirements and exclusively for the purposes of holding the event (this includes the review of the right to participate and compliance with the participation conditions as well as potentially for the deliver of prizes and the delivery of the notification).

      (2) The personal data collected will initially be stored for the duration of the event and then subsequently deleted. To the extent that legal storage requirements stipulate more long-term storage, the affected data will be deleted at the latest following the expiry of such a storage obligation.

      (3) Further information on the handling of personal data by Gameforge can be found within the Privacy Policy (see in particular point 3.9 for the holding of contests and the significant legal bases for the associated processing of this as well as point 6 on the rights of the affected person).

      4. Liability
      Regardless of legal grounds, Gameforge, its committees, employees and agents are liable exclusively for wilful intent and gross negligence. However with slight negligence they are only liable in cases where contractual obligations are infringed upon and are limited to foreseeable damages, provided this is not contrary to the requirements of any applicable law. The previously stated limitations do not apply for the loss of life, personal injury or damage to health.

      5. Final Clauses
      (1) The registration of an event account serves as the participant’s acceptance of these entry conditions.

      (2) In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the General Terms & Conditions also apply (together the ‘rules’).

      (3) Should a participant infringe upon the rules during the implementation and execution of the event, or such an infringement by proven thereafter, their eligibility may be revoked.

      (4) Gameforge reserves the right to end the event before the end of the participation period, if for technical or legal reasons its proper execution cannot be guaranteed.

      (5) In the event that any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions become ineffective, the remaining provisions shall remain effective and binding. The unenforceable provision shall be substituted for the relevant statutory provision.