Announcement about the V Mode issue:

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    • Announcement about the V Mode issue:

      Dear community,
      due to the VMode not working properly, there are many accounts in many communities that have lost their fleet, defenses and resources.
      We are going to restore 100% of the losses through the Wreckfield repair.

      You will be able to repair 100% of the battle losses through this game feature and send it back to your planet.
      They should be available already for you to recover them.
      For the resources loss in these battles, please contact us through the support system. We will add the resources to your accounts.

      If you have been attacked or probed on Tuesday between 11:00 and 15:00 CEST but haven't lost anything, you are going to have an empty Wreckfield. This applies to all servers. If you lost something in this timeframe, the statement from above applies.

      Your OGame Team.